Scenario Planning to Advance Safety Culture and Minimize Risk in Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

Event Date: 
12/15/2015 9 pm PST
National Academies of Sciences: Gulf Research Program

RFP closed--letters of intent due Feb 2016; full applications April 2016. These grants will support projects that seek to break new ground to address an old or a new problem through innovation. By innovation, we mean the development of new approaches, technologies, or methods and/or the application of new expertise through the engagement of novel, non-traditional disciplinary or cross-sectoral perspectives. Responsive grants could include research, methods development, or approaches for translating or applying scientific evidence to decision making. These grants are modeled on the National Science Foundation’s Early concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER). They are not intended for incremental research in well-studied areas. A Letter of Intent is required for this funding opportunity.


The Gulf Research Program welcomes proposals from non-federal government organizations on behalf of all qualified scientists, engineers, health professionals and educators. The applying organization will be referred to as the applicant hereafter. The scientists, engineers, health professionals, and educators who will lead the proposed project will be referred to as project directors hereafter. This funding opportunity is for new activities only. The applicant must not have received any other support for this project, and the project must not be currently under consideration for funding by another funder. Project directors usually initiate proposals that are officially submitted by their employing organizations (the applicant). When initiating a proposal, the project director typically is responsible for ensuring the proposal meets all the requirements outlined by the Gulf Research Program as well as any requirements set by the employing organizations. Non-federal government organizations in the United States that have a valid federal tax ID number are eligible to apply. An applicant may submit multiple applications on behalf of different project directors, but it may submit only one application for each project director. Individuals may be involved as a project director and key personnel, or as key personnel, in up to three proposals; in each proposal, a clear description should be included to explain how the proposed project is not duplicative of other proposed efforts or how the participant will budget his or her time.