Puget Sound

Chinook Salmon Projects and Climate Change

Climate Change Preparedness Plan for the North Olympic Peninsula

John Bolte

Jason Kreitler

Jessi Kershner

Kirk Krueger

Suquamish Build Resilience to Ocean Acidification Through Education

Correlation and Climate Sensitivity of Human Health and Environmental Indicators in the Salish Sea

Tulalip, Swinomish Preserve Forest and Salmon Habitat With Two Significant Initiatives

Chan, F., Boehm, A.B., Barth, J.A., Chornesky, E.A., Dickson, A.G., Feely, R.A., Hales, B., Hill, T.M., Hofmann, G., Ianson, D., Klinger, T., Largier, J., Newton, J., Pedersen, T.F., Somero, G.N., Sutula, M., Wakefield, W.W., Waldbusser, G.G., Weisberg, S


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