2018-19 Grassroots Communities Mining Mini-Grant Program

Event Date: 
Grant Deadline: 
Indigenous Environmental Network, Western Mining Action Network

The IEN/WMAN Mining Mini-Grants Program offers financial grant assistance to communities threatened or adversely affected by mining in the U.S. and Canada. We recognize that mining activity often has detrimental impacts to all aspects of community and cultural well-being and IEN/WMAN encourages projects that strive to protect the environment, ecosystems, cultural resources, and community health from mining impacts. Grant proposals and reports should be submitted to: wman.ien.minigrants@gmail.com. We cannot guarantee your application will be considered if it is not submitted to this email address.

mining, community health, public health, cultural well-being, adaptation
Funding Amount: 
This year, we will fund approximately 70 grantees at $3,000 each and 10 grantees at $5,000 each.
Priority is given to community-based grassroots groups and Tribal/First Nations directly affected by mining.
Contact Information: 
If you have any questions about whether or not your project would qualify, please contact us to talk about it prior to the application deadline. Simone Senogles, Indigenous Environmental Network, (218) 751-4967 simone@ienearth.org, and Mary Costello, WMAN Network Coordinator at (208) 610-4896. You can also email questions to wman.ien.minigrants@gmail.com We are happy to talk with you.