Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Agriculture and Natural Resources Science for Climate Variability and Change Challenge Area


Deadline passed as of November 17, 2016. Deadline for 2017 unknown. This AFRI Challenge Area focuses on the priority to mitigate and adapt to climate variability and change. It supports activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration in agricultural and forest production systems, and prepare the nation's agriculture and forests to adapt to variable climates. The long-term outcome for this program is to reduce the use of energy, nitrogen fertilizer, and water by ten percent and increase carbon sequestration by fifteen percent through resilient agriculture and forest production systems. In order to achieve this outcome, this program will support multi-function Integrated Research, Education, and/or Extension Projects and Food and Agricultural Science Enhancement (FASE) Grants.

Climate Mitigation, Agriculture, Climate Adaptation, reduce climate impacts,
Funding Amount: 
Award varies. $8,400,00 total program funding.
Matching Funds: 
See application, but tribes would need to partner with academic/research institute in order to be eligible. Must submit Letter of Intent by Wednesday, September 14, 2016 by 5:00pm ET in order to be eligible.