Community Forest Program

Event Date: 
01/20/2016 10 am PST
U.S. Forest Service

Deadline passed as of January 13, 2017. Deadline for 2018 unknown. The Forest Service is authorized to provide financial assistance grants to local governments, Indian tribes, and qualified nonprofit organizations (including land trusts) to establish community forests that provide defined benefits...Project will focus on private forest lands that are threatened by conversion to nonforest uses, are not lands held in trust by the United States, and can provide defined community benefits and allow public access and/or Forest Lands that are at least five acres in size, suitable to sustain natural vegetation, and at least 75 percent forested. Forests are determined by both the presence of trees and the absence of non-forest uses.

Forest Conservation, Forestry, management
Funding Amount: 
Individual awards for projects have reached up to $400,000.
Matching Funds: 
Yes. Requires a 50 percent non-federal match.


Local governments: Any municipal, county or local government with jurisdiction over local land use decisions. Qualified nonprofit organizations: Consistent with Section 170(h) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and operates with one or more of the conservation purposes. Indian Tribes: Federally recognized Indian tribes and Alaska Native Corporations.