Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem (RFP)

Climate Resilience Fund (CRF)

Deadline Passed as of June 2020. Deadline Unknown for 2021. The CRF is a philanthropic collaborative working to advance a positive vision of a climate resilient society and to mobilize the resources for achieving it. CRF recently hosted a two-day workshop that gathered approximately 60 organizational representatives from across the U.S. to discuss the current and forthcoming effects of a changing climate. This RFP represents an extension of this opportunity to organizations and individuals who were not in attendance at the Resilience Ecosystem Workshop to either partner on projects that were conceived there, or to propose additional ideas that meet the project criteria.

The overall focus for this grant competition is on coordination of climate adaptation and resilience services. Grants will be made available to qualifying organizations seeking support for collaborative projects that build upon existing resources that support climate change adaptation and resilience activities and outcomes. The goal for this competition is to support projects that address recognized goals and gaps in the Resilience Ecosystem (please refer to the RE Workshop webpage to view the summary report to explore the goals and gaps identified).

climate resilience, climate adaptation, collaboration
Funding Amount: 
up to $25,000
Matching Funds: 
Grantees will be required to demonstrate a minimum 100% match for CRF funding.


This competition is open to U.S.-based charitable institutions with IRS approved 501(c)(3) status. Applicants must be in good financial and regulatory standing. CRF is unable to accept applications from U.S. federal government agencies, state government agencies, businesses, unincorporated individuals, and international organizations. Two or more separate entities (organization, individual, public agency, or business) within the RE have contribute to the project. The applicant team has to possess relevant experience and expertise required to complete the project.
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