FY 2018- FY 2019 Pollution Prevention Grant Program


Deadline Passed 04/26/2018. Deadline Unknown for 2019. EPA is announcing a grant competition to fund two-year Pollution Prevention assistance agreements for projects expected to be performed in each EPA region that provide technical assistance and/or training to businesses/facilities to help them adopt source reduction approaches (also known as “pollution prevention” or “P2”). P2 means reducing or eliminating pollutants from entering any waste stream or otherwise released into the environment prior to recycling, treatment, or disposal.

Pollution Prevention, Conservation, Efficiency, Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Funding Amount: 
Matching Funds: 
yes, 50% match required
Any agency or instrumentality of a state, including state colleges and universities, federally-recognized Indian tribes that meet the requirements for treatment in a manner similar to a state as described in (40 CFR 35.663), and Intertribal Consortia that meet the requirements in (40 CFR 35.504). Federally-recognized tribes and intertribal consortia must meet the requirements for treatment in a manner similar to a state. The requirements for tribes are referenced in 40 CFR 35.663 and 40 CFR 35.504 respectively.