Northwest Climate Science Center Funding Opportunity FY 2018

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Northwest CSC

Deadline Passed as of 3/30/2018. Deadline for 2019 unknownThis document invites proposals for projects to be initiated by the Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018. Project proposals must relate to elements of the NW CSC Science Agenda for 2018-23. The NW CSC Science Agenda for 2018– 23 charts the overall science direction and research opportunities for the NW CSC over the next 5 years in response to stated regional natural and cultural resource management priorities. The anticipated products build upon an extensive research portfolio funded by the NW CSC from 2011 to 2017.

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Applicants at academic institutions other than University of Washington must include an amount to cover pass-through costs at University of Washington. Please contact University Director Dr. Amy Snover ( or NW CSC Research Administrator Adrienne Karpov ( for the latest rates and any additional information. Appropriate pass-through charges must be included in the budget sheets for your proposal.


Only invited proposals may be submitted in response to this Funding Opportunity. Eligible Principal Investigators (PI) include the following: -PIs affiliated to academic institutions who are current members of the NW CSC University Consortium: University of Washington, Boise State University, University of Montana, Washington State University, and Western Washington University. -PIs affiliated with any USGS Mission Area, Region, Program, Center, Office, or duty station. Each proposal must have a PI from an eligible institution. Parties from other organizations (Federal, State, Tribal, or other) can participate and receive funds via subawards from the PI, but the proposal PI must be from an eligible organization, as described above. Non-eligible applicants are encouraged to establish working partnerships with one of the recognized eligible applicants to seek participation as part of a project led by a university consortium member or USGS facility.
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Gustavo Bisbal, Director,, phone 541-750-1020