Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) Grants


Deadline Passed 07/17/2018. Deadline Unknown for 2019. OFRF is pleased to announce their next round of research funding beginning with a request for Letters of Intent on July 15th. Since 2006, OFRF has invested over $3M in research projects based on scientific merit, combined with the potential to address key grower challenges. Techniques and findings from OFRF-funded research have been widely implemented by organic farmers and ranchers, with information disseminated online, in publications, and at farming conferences and field days. Based on the OFRF report, 2016 National Organic Research Agenda (NORA), this year’s priority areas for research projects include soil health, innovative weed control, organic insect pest management, livestock health, social science research on the marketing, policy, and economic barriers to successful organic production and barriers to transition, and emerging issues related to environmental, economic, or social challenges for organic growers. Submissions must meet one or more of the six priority areas. We encourage applicants to download the report for more details. Letters of Intent are due by July 15, 2018. Otherwise, the timeline is the same as previous years. Those invited to submit full proposals will be notified in the fall. Grant funding will be announced in spring 2019.

organic farming, research, soil health, innovation, weed control, insect pest management, livestock health, social science
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The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) grants program is open to all applicants residing and conducting research in Canada, Mexico and the United States. OFRF does not fund projects outside of these countries. OFRF invites proposals from all applicants. OFRF particularly encourages farmers, ranchers, graduate students and early career researchers, veterans and Extension personnel to consider applying for funding.
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Mailing address: Organic Farming Research Foundation PO Box 440 Santa Cruz, Ca 95060