Program to Support Tribal Resilience Grants and Ocean and Coastal Management and Planning Grants- Tribal Organizations


Deadline Passed 06/10/2019. Deadline Unknown for 2020. The Secretary of the Interior (Secretary), through the Office of Trust Services, Tribal Resilience Program (Program) solicits proposals from tribal not-for-profit and tribal nongovernmental organizations and associations to receive grants to support tribal resilience and ocean and coastal management and planning. This program supports tribes preparing for extreme events and harmful environmental trends that impact tribal treaty and trust resources, economies, infrastructure, and human health and safety. The Program will provide funding for projects that support tribal resilience and ocean and coastal management planning as tribes incorporate science (including Traditional Knowledge) and technical information to prepare for the impacts of extreme events and harmful environmental trends.

ocean management, coastal management, extreme events, environmental trends, treaty rights, resources, infrastructure, human health and safety, traditional knowledge, resilience
Funding Amount: 
There are five total award categories. Applicants are not guaranteed to be funded at the requested amount. There is a limit of one award per category per tribal organization, not to exceed two awards per tribal organization (Travel Awards- do not count toward this maximum, Categories 3 and 5).- Adaptation Planning (Categories 1-3): Category 1. Trainings and Workshops (maximum: $150,000); Category 2. Adaptation Planning (maximum: $150,000); Category 3. Travel Support for Adaptation Planning (maximum: $15,000); Ocean and Coastal Management Planning (Categories 4-5): Category 4. Ocean and Coastal Management Planning: ($150,000); Category 5. Travel Support - Ocean & Coastal: ($15,000);
Matching Funds: 


Eligibility is limited to not-for-profit, non-governmental tribal organizations and associations, and tribally-controlled colleges and universities (TCUs), referred to as “tribal organization(s)” hereafter.
Contact Information: 
Rachael Novak (505) 563-5253