Retaining Knowledge Sovereignty: Expanding the Application of Tribal Traditional Knowledge on Forest Lands in the Face of Climate Change

Norgaard, K. 2014. Karuk Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the Need for Knowledge Sovereignty: Social Cultural and economic Impacts of Denied Access to Traditional Management. Prepared for Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources.

Cool California: Climate Change Curriculum

California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC)

Agricultural Water Conservation and Efficiency Grants

Individual Water & Wastewater Grants

Anderson, K.M. (2005) Tending the Wild, Native American Knowledge and the Management of...

Bureau of Indian Affairs (2007) Artman to Inspect Fire Damage on La Jolla and Rincon Reservations...

Shonkoff, S.B., Morello-Frosch, R., Pastor, M., and Sadd, J. (2011) The Climate Gap:...


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