Northern California

Coloization, Fire Suppression, and Indigenous Resurgence in the Face of Climate Change

Yurok Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Water & Aquatic Resources

Karuk Climate Adaptation Plan

Artificial Beaver Dams Hold Promise as a Restoration Tool in California

Reframing food security by and for Native American communities: a case study among tribes in the Klamath River basin of Oregon and California

Fires in Northern California Present Challenges to Native Tribes

Karuk Tribe Climate Vulnerability Assessment Assessing Vulnerabilities From the Increased Frequency of High Severity Fire

Fire and Agroforestry Are Reviving Traditional Native Foods and Communities

Available Science Assessment Process (ASAP): Sea Level Rise in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California

US Supreme Court Keeps in Place a Moratorium on Recreational Suction Dregde Mining; Karuk Tribe Pleased


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