Indicators to Guide and Monitor Climate Change Adaptation in the US Pacific Northwest

Makah Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Resource Assessment: A preliminary framework to utilize traditional knowledge in climate change planning

Incorporating Indigenous voices in regional climate change adaptation: opportunities and challenges in the U.S. Pacific Northwest

Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Healthy Ecosystems Summit

Tribal Climate Change Profile: Nooksack Indian Tribe July 2014 Nooksack Indian Tribe: Rivers and Glaciers — Keeping salmon and the ecosystem healthy in light of climate change and distressed ecosystems

Stillaguamish Tribe Natural Resources Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Emergency Drought Response Actions

Tribal Climate Adaptation Research Projects Federal Fiscal Year 2021

Extremes to Ex-Streams: Ecological Drought Adaptation in a Changing Climate

Creating Practitioner-Driven, Science-Based Plans for Connectivity Conservation in the Washington-British Columbia Transboundary Region


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