Pacific Northwest

Slow shell building, a possible trait for resistance to the effects of acute ocean acidification

Tulalip, Swinomish Preserve Forest and Salmon Habitat With Two Significant Initiatives

Tribal Climate Change Forum

Factsheet- Black Carbon Alaska. 2013

Norgaard, K. 2014. Karuk Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the Need for Knowledge Sovereignty: Social Cultural and economic Impacts of Denied Access to Traditional Management. Prepared for Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources.

Rebecca A. Mabardy, George G. Waldbusser, Flaxen Conway and Christine S. Olsen. 2015. Perception and Response of the U.S. West Coast Shellfish Industry to Ocean Acidification: The Voice of the Canaries in the Coal Mine. Journal of Shellfish Research 34(2)

Climate change and marine vertebrates

Climate change, Migration, and the Puget Sound Region

Climate Impacts Group (CIG). State of Knowledge Report--Climate Change in the Puget Sound.

Oregon Climate and Health Network


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