Alaska Snow Survey Report

United States, Congress, Natural Resources Conservation Service, et al. “Alaska Snow Survey Report.” Alaska Snow Survey Report, NRCS, 2019.
Year Published: 
Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA

Snowpack in the western half of the Alaska is flourishing, except for those regions in the south which got rain this month. Parts of the lower Yukon have deeper snow than they have experienced in many years and sites in the upper Koyukuk are near record breaking. The snowpack slacks to the east. The Yukon Flats retains near normal snowpack, but the Tanana basin is below normal with many locations their lightest since 2010 or in the case of the snowpack near Delta Junction, the lightest in 36 years of record. In Southcentral, a large mid-month storm brought the snowpack in the MatSu to near normal. Further south, the Kenai Penin- sula is well below normal and western Cook Inlet has some of its deepest snowpacks since 2012. Storms brought snow to much of Southeast Alaska. Many places snowpack reached sea level and areas which were devoid of snow last month have a decent covering this month, but the region still has well below normal snowpack.

Alaska, snow pack, sea level, precipitation, temperature