This is Climate Change: Sharing the Stories of Oregonians Who are Facing the Impacts of Climate Change Today

Environment Oregon
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Environment Oregon

Haley Case-Scott is a research assistant with the Tribal Climate Change Project, with a research focus on supporting tribal governments and communities in asserting their sovereignty through tribal led policy and legislation, especially when it comes to climate policy. A Siletz tribal member, she grew up in Chiloquin, Oregon on a family owned ranch, where she developed an understanding of the environmental issues facing rural Oregon. Many of the trees on her family’s ranch were logged, and Klamath County has experienced a water crisis for much of her life, creating conflicts between various water users. Case-Scott has always considered her identity to be partly defined where she grew up, on land where her ancestors once lived. Climate change has affected her connection to that land, and the consequent desire to take action and get involved brought her to the Tribal Climate Change Project, located in the University of Oregon Environmental Studies Program.

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