Publication Yearsort ascending Category Geography Website
tribal profiles, Office of Indian Energy, solar power, renewable energy California Link
Public Health, Tribal Health, climate change, adaptation, planning, capacity building National Link
climate science, climate change, tools, national, youth National, United States Link
Tribal Health, community health, cultural practices, infrastructure Montana Link
climate change, community awareness, tribes Link
drought, ecosystems, vegetation, water, crisis California
Tribal Health, community health, climate change, disease, food security National Link
United States Link
Public Health, Climate Change, assessment National Link
climate change, global, signs, tracker Global Link
Public Health, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions International Link
climate change, carbon dioxide, atmosphere, fossil fuels Global Link
Public Health, climate change, adaptation, planning, mitigation National Link
habitat connectivity, management, climate change impacts, adaptation, ecological connectivity, conservation, data Northwest Link
Public Health, climate change, adaptation, planning, mitigation, integration National Link
assessment, vulnerability, index, ecosystems, data, conservation Western United States Link
Public Health, preparedness, climate change, planning, adaptation, community health National Link
green building, tribal homes, green infrastructure, energy efficiency, renewable energy, resilience, planning National Link
adaptation, planning, resource, climate change National, Northwest Link
Public Health, community health, climate change, equity, adaptation National Link
adaptation plan, data, climate change, resources, Midwest, Michigan Link
EPA, superfund sites, data, tribal property, hazardous substances National Link
National Congress of the American Indian (NCAI) American Indian and Alaska Native Genetics Resource Center. n.d. Havasupai Tribe and the lawsuit settlement aftermath. Genetic Research, Scientific Research, Research Ethics Southwest, National, International Link
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. Columbia Gorge Coal Transport. Accessed via: tribe, indigenous Link
Indian Health Service (HIS). Disparities. tribe, indigenous, Health
Hewes, Will and Fahlund, Andrew. Weathering Change: Policy Reforms That Save Money and Make Communities Safer. American Rivers. Climate Adaptation, Planning, Policy Reform National Link
Rolo, MA. Keystone XL: a ‘Declaration of War’ in Indian Country. The Progressive. tribe, indigenous
research, publications, climate change adaptation, ecology, environment, wildlife, natural resource management, monitoring, analysis National Link
collaboration, community, capacity, resource management, national forest lands Pacific Northwest Link
community-engagement, students, faculty, issues, organizing, handbook National Link