Tribal leaders, scholars and others working with tribes on climate change issues are increasingly engaged in bringing tribal voices to academic literature, agency climate reports, and other publications to demonstrate the impacts of climate change on indigenous communities in the United States, and the measures tribes across the country are taking to address climate change. Abstracts and materials provided by the publications are included in the descriptions.

Publicationsort ascending Year Category Geography Website
Public Health, Tribal Health, TK, Environmental Health, Climate Change National Link
Public Health, preparedness, climate change, planning, adaptation, community health National Link
adaptation plan, data, climate change, resources, Midwest, Michigan Link
Health, climate change, temperature-related, air quality impacts, extreme events, vector-borne diseases, water quality, food safety National Link
2013 climate change, anthropogenic, vulnerability, health, globe National Link
1996 Place, Culture, Apache, Traditional Knowledge, tribe, indigenous Southwest
2016 Southeast Alaska, streamflow, hydrology, adaptation, fisheries, management Alaska Link
Public Health, Tribal Health, climate change, adaptation, planning, capacity building National Link
Public Health, climate change, adaptation, planning, mitigation National Link
EPA, superfund sites, data, tribal property, hazardous substances National Link
tribal profiles, Office of Indian Energy, solar power, renewable energy California Link
habitat connectivity, management, climate change impacts, adaptation, ecological connectivity, conservation, data Northwest Link
2013 climate change, Inuit, human health, environment, impacts Candada Link