SoI is required and due by 5 pm on Friday, March 3, 2017. Full Proposals: Full Proposals will only be accepted on May 22, 2017 if a SoI was submitted. For this funding opportunity, Louisiana Sea Grant seeks responsive research that provides scientific and socioeconomic information, design innovation, as well as policy guidance, for fisheries management, climate change adaptation, resilient communities, and ecosystem restoration in coastal systems and communities in Louisiana. Coastal Louisiana offers a laboratory of restoration, protection, and adaptation projects that together with laboratory studies, field investigations, models, and/or socioeconomic tools and synthesis products, offer innovative opportunities for research projects that should improve understanding of coastal ecosystem function and help predict the responses of ecosystems and communities to a changing climate and/or planning activities. SoIs must include an outreach plan that demonstrates a connection with user groups, such as resource managers, communities, and/or informal and formal learners. Proposed projects should be for a 24-month maximum duration (but may be less than 24 months). PIs should focus on outcomes that can be achieved during this timeframe.

Funding Amount
Matching Funds
All Louisiana public institutions of higher education and those independent institutions of higher education which are members of the Louisiana Association of Independent Colleges and Universities are eligible to compete under the Louisiana Sea Grant Competitive Research Program. Other institutions are encouraged to collaborate with university researchers by supporting internship opportunities for students that may be supported by LSG funds. Such persons and institutions may be listed as Co-PI of LSG research projects. Single investigators and multiple investigator research teams from different institutions are encouraged to apply. Louisiana Sea Grant encourages participation from the broad science and social science research community within Louisiana.
Contact Information
If you would like further information about this request for proposals, please contact either Matthew Bethel (mbethe3@lsu.edu) regarding research priorities, Judy Johnson (judyjohnson@lsu.edu) regarding budget requirements, or Katie Lea (klea@lsu.edu) regarding formatting.