Resilience and Durability to Extreme Weather Pilot Program

U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

Deadline Passed as of 2/09/2018. Deadline for 2019 Unknown. Natural disasters have become increasingly damaging and problematic to transportation systems in many locations within the United States, affecting the performance of the transportation network and straining state and Federal funding for repair and maintenance. Addressing this critical issue is included in the U.S. Department of Transportation Draft Strategic Plan for FY 2018 -2021, which includes development of new tools to improve transportation infrastructure durability and resilience as a priority innovation area. It also states that infrastructure should be made resilient and durable to withstand extreme weather events. This pilot program will assist U.S. DOT and FHWA in achieving these strategic objectives, reducing future maintenance costs over the full life-cycle of transportation assets.

Funding Amount
Matching Funds
Yes. There is a matching requirement of at least a 20% non-federal share (e.g. 80/20 federal/non-federal). A 50% non-federal share is preferred. In-kind contributions such as staffing can count towards the match requirement.
Federally Recognized Tribal Governments are eligible applicants
Contact Information
Rob Hyman, Office of Natural Environment, 202-366-5843
Heather Holsinger, Office of Natural Environment, 202-366-6263
Becky Lupes, Office of Natural Environment, 202-366-7808