WCS Graduate Scholarship Program


Deadline Passed April 2019. Deadline Unknown for 2020. The WCS Graduate Scholarship Program (GSP) is part of a WCS strategy to invest in developing individual conservation leaders around the world. The GSP provides access to international graduate education opportunities (masters or doctoral programs) to exceptional conservationists from Asia/Pacific, Africa, Latin America, and North American indigenous groups. Scholars are nominated by WCS global conservation staff and are selected based on their exceptional abilities and potential to become leaders of the conservation movement in their home countries. The short-form deadline will be April 2019. Applicants who are approved at this stage will be asked to fill out a full application, with a deadlin of June 2019. Completed nominations/ applications should be submitted electronically to kmastro@wcs.org 

Funding Amount
$30,000-$36,000 toward tuition, board, and fees.
Matching Funds
Only nominated applicants will be considered. No unsolicited applications are reviewed or acknowledged. Nominees should be a citizen of the country from which they are nominated. All nominees must be formally approved by the representative WCS country program director before an application can be prepared and submitted. Nominees do not need to have been accepted in any graduate program in order to be eligible, but should plan to begin studies no later than the fall of the year following their award.
Contact Information
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