Forest and Water Climate Adaptation: A Plan for the Nisqually Watershed

Tribal Adaptation Plans
Year Published
2020, 2014
Nisqually tribe

The Nisqually River Basin is a vital part of the Washington landscape. Nestled between Tacoma and Olympia, it is the traditional home of the Nisqually Indian Tribe, and contains the small towns of Ashford, Elbe, Mineral, Eatonville, Yelm, Roy and McKenna. Despite close proximity to urban centers, the watershed remains in good environmental condition. Nearly 80% of the Nisqually River’s riparian areas are under permanent protection. It is also the only river in the United States to have its headwaters protected by a national park (Mount Rainier National Park) and its estuary protected by a national wildlife refuge (Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge). Community members place a strong priority on protecting valuable natural resources as shown by continued native salmon runs, 300,000 acres of forestland and high quality water. To dowload a PDF of the plan, click here.To read about and download a PDF of the 2020 third update of The Nisqually Watershed Stewardship Plan, click here.

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