Ute Mountain Climate Action Plan

Tribal Adaptation Plans
Year Published
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, BIA, and Colorado State University

The information in this Climate Action Plan represents an important step in protecting the health and livelihoods of the community members in the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. The Tribe collaborated with Colorado State University and recieved funding from the BIA to develop the Climate Action Plan. An Adaption Planning Working Group was formed and focused on six planning areas including health and livelihoods, water resources, water ecosystems, rangelands and forests, terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, and energy. The plan proposes specific actions and funding sources for each area. This information is located in Section 5. The Climate Action Plan work is a testament to the determination of the Tribe to work towards climate resiliency. To download a PDF of the plan, click here.

Contact Information
For additional information contact Marjorie Connolly, Climate Change Program Manager, via email or phone (970)-564-5342.
Status Check
The Climate Adaption Plan identifies its next steps to be 6.1 Community Outreach and Engagement, 6.2 Implementation and 6.3 Keeping the Plan Relevant. The Plan is considered to be a "living document."