Tribal Climate Change Guide to Funding, Science, Programs and Adaptation Plans

Last update: September 16, 2015. The Tribal Climate Change Guide to Funding, Program and Adaptation Plans is intended to provide up-to-date information on grants, programs and plans that may assist tribes in addressing climate change through a broad range of sectors. The PNW Tribal Climate Change Project at the University of Oregon and the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10 Tribal Program Office developed this guide collaboratively. This guide also includes key U.S. government programs addressing climate change, opportunities for tribal engagement and contacts for each agency. In addition to its immediate value to tribes and their partners, this information will provide important groundwork for research on understanding and improving the tribal consultation processes in the context of climate change. The list of adaptation plans, developed in coordination with the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, can be searched by using the first drop-down menu (Type) and selecting "Plan." You can search this guide with keywords in the descriptions bar, or use the drop down menu to search by category, agency or geography. You can refine your search by using multiple drop-down menus and/or search terms in the description category. We will update this guide regularly, so please check back often. If you have questions or updates for this guide, email: