NOAA National Sea Grant College Program 2018


Deadline Passed as of 3/2/2018. Deadline for 2019 Unknown. As part of the NAI, this competition is designed to foster the expansion of a sustainable U.S. ocean, coastal and Great Lakes aquaculture sector by addressing one or more of the following priorities: (a) supporting the development of emerging systems or technologies that will advance aquaculture in the U.S., including projects that will help stimulate aquaculture production by nascent industries; (b) developing and implementing actionable methods of communicating accurate, science based messages and information about the benefits and risks of U.S. marine and Great Lakes aquaculture to the public; and (c) increasing the resiliency of aquaculture systems to natural hazards and changing conditions. Successful applications must describe projects that clearly address major constraints, barriers or hurdles limiting aquaculture production in the U.S.

Funding Amount
Up to $75,000
Matching Funds
Yes- Non-federal matching funds of at least 50% is required for each year of requested funding (e.g., Year 1 = $200,000 requested would require $100,000 match; Year 2 = $200,000 requested would require $100,000 match; Year 3 = $200,000 requested would require $100,000 match). Proposers must include sufficient non-federal match in their proposal to be eligible.
Tribal government or agency or officer thereof are included in Eligibility.
Contact Information
Attention: Aquaculture, NOAA Sea Grant 1315 East-West Highway, SSMC3, R/SG Silver Spring, MD 20910