Climate Programs
Consensus Building Institute (CBI)

The sea is rising and will cover millions of acres of coastal land in the coming decades. Also, coastal storms are increasingly erratic and violent, threatening lives and property on the coasts. Communities are implementing a wide range of adaptation measures, including seawalls, wider canals, and raised buildings, but many of these are only temporary stop-gaps with challenging financial and ecological implications. In some places, managed retreat, or climigration, should be an option people are talking about, but very few communities dare to raise it as a possibility because of many different variables.
This effort is led by a diverse group of people who are committed to helping communities and policymakers think proactively about managed retreat along with all other options for adapting to climate change. This multi-faceted issue necessitates a multi-expert and multi-experience approach. Thus the network includes a diverse group of thinkers and doers from a wide variety of disciplines and experiences, including planners; residents of coastal communities; a post-disaster social worker; local, state, and federal government representatives; climate scientists; a change management consultant; artists who use expression to help people think about transformation; academics; adaptation finance administrators; and policy mediators.

climate change, sea level rise, storms, subsidence, relocation, adaptation, mitigation, planning, policy