August 7-13, 2022. Eugene, OR. 2022 Youth Tribal Water Education Summit. The Changing Currents’ Annual Youth Tribal Water Summit is a leadership development and education program held at the University of Oregon. The Summit is designed for students ages 15-20 years of age in high school or early-college. The Summit is an opportunity for emerging leaders to understand  the importance of our water resources and the nature of their stewardship and care for our natural resources. Summit Participants will build a peer-to-peer network with other like-minded youth, learn from Indigenous environmental professionals, hear from Indigenous leaders, and get exposure to university classes. Additionally, housing and food is free! Learn more and register.

August 8-11, 2022. Milwaukee, WI. Tribal Lands & Environment Forum. This is the twelfth annual forum for environmental professionals from Tribes, US EPA, State/ Local/Federal agencies, community organizations, and other interested parties to meet, share knowledge and learn from one another how to improve management, protection and restoration of Tribal lands for us and all our relations. Registration information to come. Learn more here.

August 9, 2022. 11:00 am Pacific. ACCAP Bering Sea Science. Join the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy for an overview of the Bering Science publication, featuring speakers on crab, salmon, seabirds and climate in the Bering Sea. The publication shares observations and research that is happening in and around the region. This year’s report focused on six topics identified by the ACCAP Community Advisory Panel – salmon, walrus, crab, halibut, seabirds and climate. Register here.

August 16, 2022. 10:00 - 11:00 am Pacific. Effects of Climate Change and Shifting Disturbance Regimes on Wildlife Habitat in the Western U.S. This 12-part monthly webinar series will explore forest ecosystems and their composition and structure under a changing climate, and the influence on wildlife populations and carbon dynamics. The series will also share tools and management approaches to help facilitate forest and wildlife climate adaptation at both landscape and stand scales. Speaker: Jessica Halofsky, USDA Forest Service, Northwest Climate Hub. Register here.

August 19, 2022. 1:00 pm Pacific. August 2022 NWS Alaska Climate Outlook Briefing. The Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy will review recent and current climate conditions around Alaska, discuss forecast tools, and finish up with the Climate Prediction Center’s forecast for September and the fall 2022. Join the gathering online to learn what’s happened and what may be in store with Alaska’s seasonal climate. Register here.

August 22, 2022. 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Pacific. PNW DEWS August Drought & Climate Outlook. These webinars provide the region's stakeholders and interested parties with timely information on current and developing drought conditions, as well as climatic events like El Niño and La Niña. Speakers will also discuss the impacts of these conditions on things such as wildfires, floods, disruption to water supply and ecosystems, as well as impacts to affected industries like agriculture, tourism, and public health. Register here.

August 24, 2022. 12:00 - 1:30 pm Pacific. Seven Best Practices for Risk Communication, NOAA. Understanding risk is a key component for initiatives focused on helping communities prepare for and respond to weather and climate hazards. This interactive webinar introduces participants to seven best practices, numerous techniques, and examples for communicating about coastal hazards. Whether beginning a new effort or trying to keep people motivated to better prepare for future hazards, applying risk communication principles will lead to more effective results. Register here.

August 29-September 2, 2022. Juneau, AK. 2022 Southeast Environmental Conference. Every year, the Southeast Environmental Conference brings together Southeast Alaska tribes, natural resource professionals, agencies, and organizations within the region to learn and address common environmental priorities. We are excited for stakeholders to join us to learn, share, and engage together! Monday through Wednesday are filled with some amazing presenters with Thursday and Friday being workshops with Indigenous Guardians Network and Southeast Alaska Tribal Ocean Research (SEATOR). Learn more and register here.

August 29- September 1, 2022. St. Paul, MN. National Tribal & Indigenous Climate Conference. ITEP is hosting another National Tribal & Indigenous Climate Conference II, this time in person! Please save the date for the second NTICC, taking place on the Intercontinental St. Paul Riverfront in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

September 6-8, 2022. Seaside, OR. Oregon Conservation Education and Assistance Network (OCEAN) CONNECT+. The three-day, immersive conference will bring together local, state, and federal decision-makers, professionals from conservation districts, watershed councils, land trusts, and others committed to conserving natural resources. The conference advances Oregon’s conservation efforts through diversity, equity, and inclusion of all people across the state. Learn more and register here.September 8, 2022. 10 am - 12:30 pm Pacific. USGS and NOAA National Listening Session: Water availability prediction for ecosystems. Each session will include a short introduction to relevant prediction products for that topic, followed by guided discussions with participants on research priorities for product development or improvement at the national and/or regional scale. The input from these sessions will be used to guide USGS Drought Program planning and orientation. Registration information to follow.

September 14-16, 2022. 10th Annual Rising Voices Workshop: Emergent Knowledge through Indigenous & Earth Science Collaborations. The workshop theme, Emergent Knowledge through Indigenous and Earth Science Collaborations, will serve as a bridge to reflect on where Rising Voices has been in its first decade, and what now emerges into the next decade. More details and registration information are coming soon. Learn more here.October 10-14, 2022. Albuquerque, NM. Southwest Adaptation Forum. The Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (SW CASC) is proud to host the 2022 SWAF, in collaboration with the South Central CASC. Building on work started at the 2018 and 2021 SWAFs, we will further explore topics relevant to adaptation practitioners in the Southwest, such as cultural burning, drought, and ecosystem transformation. Learn more and register here.

October 18-20, 2022. Flagstaff, AX and Online. 2022 Tribal Exchange Network Conference. The 2022 Tribal Exchange Network Conference (October 18-20) aims to expand tribal capacity for environmental data sharing, management, and analysis through informational, interactive sessions that offer: networking opportunities and connections with other professionals; a showcase of Exchange Network projects and technology tools; workshops, demonstrations, and mentoring for tribal professionals; and discussions on resources, funding opportunities, and technical support. Learn more and register here.

October 19-20, 2022. Portland, OR. Pacific Northwest Drought and Human Health Workshop. The Pacific Northwest Drought and Human Health Workshop is tailored around regional drought-related human health impacts and will help identify gaps and needs, collaborative opportunities, and ways to integrate the health sector into existing drought activities. The audience for this workshop will be state and local public health departments, climate scientists, emergency managers, tribal communities, and healthcare providers. Learn more and register here.

October 20 2022. 10 - 11 am Pacific. USGS and NOAA National Listening Session: Overview and synthesis of lessons learned from listening sessions. Each session will include a short introduction to relevant prediction products for that topic, followed by guided discussions with participants on research priorities for product development or improvement at the national and/or regional scale. The input from these sessions will be used to guide USGS Drought Program planning and orientation. Registration information to follow.

October 23-28, 2022. Albany, NY. 11th U.S. Symposium on Harmful Algae. The theme for the upcoming symposium is "Science to Support Solutions from Shore to Shore.” From freshwater to marine systems, the prevalence of harmful algal blooms (HABs) is a national environmental challenge, and solutions are needed. Attendees will include national representatives and researchers from academia, state, Federal, Tribal, and municipal governments, the private sector, and watershed organizations. Register here.

October 25-27, 2022. Baltimore, MD. National Adaptation Forum. Please save the date for the fifth National Adaptation Forum, brought to you by EcoAdapt and taking place at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel. Learn more and register here.November 8-9, 2022. Enduring Legacies: Native Case Studies - Tribes and Climate Change Conference. Squaxin Island Tribes Little Creek Hotel. Registration will open in mid-August.