Seeds of Success (SOS)

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Bureau of Land Management

Seeds of Success (SOS) is the national native seed collection program, led by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in partnership with a variety of federal agencies and non-federal organizations. SOS’s mission is to collect wildland native seed for research, development, germplasm conservation, and ecosystem restoration. The long-term conservation outcome of the SOS program is to support BLM's Native Plant Materials Development Program, whose mission is to increase the quality and quantity of native plant materials available for restoring and supporting resilient ecosystems. Healthy ecosystems provide the essential ecological services upon which all life depends, including our own. Native plant communities provide the foundation for fish and wildlife habitat such as the sage grouse.

research, development, germplasm conservation, ecosystem restoration


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Rachel Hosna SOS National Curator 202-912-7233 Peggy Olwell Plant Conservation Program Lead