Small Community Emergency Response Plan (SCERP)

Disaster Resources
Year Published
Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

The Small Community Emergency Response Plan (SCERP) is a quick reference guide for use before, during, and after an emergency or disaster. The SCERP contains checklists for critical actions at the local level, customized for, and by, your community. The SCERP contains important resource information including local, regional, state, and federal contact information. While this particular program is specific to Alaska, the SCERP could serve as a model for other communities to help prepare themselves in case of emergency. To access the SCERP toolkit guide, click here. To access trainings mentioned in the SCERP, click here.

Contact Information
Rai Simpliciano,DHS&EM SCERP Coordinator, (907) 428-7606, (907) 428-7000,