2022 Tribal Climate Resilience Annual Awards Program

Event Date: 
03/30/2016 10 am PDT
Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

Deadline passed. Most recent deadline: July 6, 2022. The BIA Branch of Tribal Climate Resilience (Branch, TCR) is excited to announce the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Annual Awards Program Request for Proposals (RFP). The Branch will release approximately $46 million in funding through President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and FY 2022 annual appropriations. Please visit the TCR main homepage for more information and download the full solicitation here. For further questions about the 2022 Request for Proposals, please find your regional Tribal Climate Resilience Liaison here, or email Resilience.Funding@bia.gov for National and/or technical questions about the application process.

Climate resilience, planning, internship, trainings and workshops, youth engagement
Funding Amount: 
Up to $3,000,000, depending on project category.
Matching Funds: 
There is no match requirement, but this year Tribes can use the funds as match for other grants.


Native American Tribal organizations (other than Federally recognized tribal governments) Native American Tribal governments (Federally recognized)
Contact Information: 
In the NW, Chas Jones (cjones@atnitribes.org) and Ben Yawakie (byawakie@atnitribes.org) are available to assist PNW Tribes with their applications and any questions about the funding opportunity. Please find your regional Tribal Climate Resilience Liaison here: https://www.bia.gov/bia/ots/tribal-climate-resilience-program/contact-us. For national and/or technical questions about the application process, email Resilience.Funding@bia.gov.