Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Food Safety Challenge Area

Event Date

Deadline passed as of June 21, 2017. Deadline for 2018 unknown.This AFRI Challenge Area promotes and enhances the scientific discipline of food safety, with an overall aim of protecting consumers from microbial and chemical contaminants that may occur during all stages of the food chain, from production to consumption. This requires an understanding of the interdependencies of human, animal, and ecosystem health as it pertains to foodborne pathogens. The long-term outcome for this program is to support the development and deployment of science based knowledge to improve the safety and nutritional quality of food without sacrificing flavor, acceptability, and affordability. In order to achieve this outcome, this program will support multi-function Integrated Research, Education, and/or Extension Projects, and Food and Agricultural Science Enhancement (FASE) Grants that address the Program Area Priority, Effective Mitigation Strategies for Antimicrobial Resistance (see Food Safety RFA for details).

Funding Amount
$0 - $1,200,000
Matching Funds
For equipment grants and if commodity specific. See RFA for details.
Applications may only be submitted by: The Cooperative Extension Service for a U.S. state or territory; Non-government organizations and/or community based organizations representing owners and operators of farms, small food processors, or small fruit and vegetable
merchant wholesalers that has a commitment to public health and expertise in administering programs that contribute to food safety; Federal, State, local, or tribal agencies; An institution of higher education (as defined in Section 101(a) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1001(a)) or a foundation maintained by an institution of higher education; A collaboration of two or more eligible entities.
Status Check
Updated 4/27/2016