Alaska Native Social Justice Fund

The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF)

Deadline for 2018 passed 1/5/2018. Deadline for 2019 unknown. The Alaska Community Foundation’s goals for the Alaska Native Social Justice Fund grant cycle are to support strategic collaborations that prioritize leadership development and allow Alaska Native communities to use their own voices to identify and address the social justice issues that are the most important to their communities. These may include, but are not limited to access to and use of traditional resources, overrepresentation in the prison system, under-representation in the political process, and unequal access to education.

Funding Amount
rant awards through this program will range from $5,000 to $20,000 and may be eligible for renewal for an additional year. ACF anticipates awarding 8 to 12 grants. The total 2018 funding available for this program is $140,000.
If your organization fits all or most of the eligibility criteria below and seeks to apply, please contact Program
Associate Kelsey Potdevin by calling (907) 274-6710 or emailing to discuss
submitting a Letter of Intent. If you have an open grant at ACF, your organization may apply as long as all
reporting requirements are up to date.
- Your organization is a nonprofit, tribe, school, faith-based organization, local government agency,
program, or grassroots organization.
- Your organization serves Alaska Natives as part of its core constituency.
 Your organization’s leadership and board are composed of individuals who represent and are
accountable to the communities served.
 Your organization consults with the Alaska Native communities it serves and incorporates
community priorities as part of its core focus.
 Your organization collaborates with local partners working on similar issues, and has a clear vision
and strategy for improving the quality of life in the communities it serves.
- Your organization empowers community members to take collective action in addressing community
- Your organization is interested in long-term, fundamental, ideological shifts in relation to social
justice issues.
Contact Information
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