Availability of Disaster Relief Microgrants


Deadline Passed 10/31/2019. Deadline Unknown for 2020. Natural disasters have become more frequent in Indian Country over the past several years. Tribal nations and their citizens have endured tremendous loss of life, livelihood, and property. However, the federal government has restricted the avenues for tribal nations to access disaster relief funds. Even when tribal nations access disaster relief funds often they are not flexible enough to meet all of the tribal nation’s needs on the ground. The NCAI Disaster Relief Microgrants are shaped to flexibly cover the needs of tribal nations and/or tribal citizens (who live near their nations) that have been impacted by recent natural disasters such as, tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, severe storms, severe winds, blizzards, etc. 

Funding Amount
$70,000 total
Individual grants capped at $10,000
Matching Funds
In order to be eligible for this NCAI microgrant, the applicant must meet following criteria:
 Be a federally recognized Indian tribe or state recognized Indian tribe.
 Be a current NCAI member in good standing.
 The proposed project(s) aims to repair or recover property damaged during a natural disaster that
occurred within the last 180 days;
 The property damaged by the disaster was located on or near tribal lands or tribal property and/or
was the property of an enrolled citizen of the tribal nation who resides near their tribal nation’s lands
or property.
 Damages to the property have rendered it uninhabitable, unusable, or it poses a significant safety risk.
 Funds must be obligated within six months
Contact Information
Kelbie Kennedy, Policy Counsel, kkennedy@ncai.org