Bureau of Indian Affairs Fish Hatchery Maintenance Program

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

Most recent deadline: January 13,2023. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has announced plans to provide funding for fish (and/or shellfish) hatchery maintenance initiatives, within the eligible jurisdictions focused on in the program. Federally-recognized Tribes may submit project proposals to the Fish Hatchery Maintenance Program contact at their Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Regional Office. Project proposals are scored according to published ranking criteria, with the highest-scoring projects receiving funding.

Funding Amount
Tribes must provide estimated budget on proposals, and funding will be determined.
Matching Funds
Eligible Fish Hatchery: Any multi-purpose or single-purpose facility owned by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) or a Federally recognized tribe engaged in the spawning, hatching, rearing, holding, caring for, or stocking of fish and/or shellfish. Facilities owned by other federal agencies, states, and non-tribal entities are not eligible to receive maintenance funds. Maintenance: Work that is required to prolong the life of a structure, building, or other facility component including: delay of physical deterioration; enhancement of original function; application of new technological advances; or replacement or acquisition of associated capitalized equipment.
Contact Information
Branch of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Recreation
1001 Indian School Road
Albuquerque, NM 87104
(202) 321-8314

Status Check
updated 1/17/16