Citizen Science Competitive Funding Program

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The USDA Forest Service is responsible for managing national forests and grasslands in a way that delivers benefits to the public, strengthens communities, and sustains healthy ecosystems. In 2018, the agency piloted the CitSci Fund to promote collaboration in support of these goals. Together, partners, volunteers, and the Forest Service are using the data gathered to shape how we manage forests and conserve resources. The CitSci Fund is a collaborative approach to resource management – each project will have one Forest Service Project Lead and one Partner Project Lead, and demonstrate how volunteers are meaningfully involved. The CitSci Fund supports Forest Service National Priority #3: Promoting shared stewardship by increasing partnerships and volunteerism.

citizen science, forest management, grasslands, community building, healthy ecosystems
Funding Amount: 
up to $25,000
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Both federally and non-federally recognized tribes are eligible applicants. In order to apply, you must be able to put in place a partnership agreement (participatory agreement or challenge cost-share agreement) with a Forest Service unit and be able to receive money through that agreement. We do not require a tribal resolution however, you may submit one to support your application if you like.