Crown Family Philanthropies: Grants for Climate & Energy

Crown Family Philanthropies

The successor to the Arie and Ida Crown foundation, Crown Family Philanthropies funds a bevy of social causes in Chicago and in the Midwest more broadly. Grants for environmental issues, including climate change, constitute some of this largesse. The award amounts are large, but relatively few, and an organization must meet numerous criteria to get them.

Funding Amount
$10 million in total programming.
Matching Funds
The foundation requires that your annual budget be $200,000 or more, that you are not running recurring deficits, and that you do not rely to any large degree on government funding. And fundraising cannot constitute more than 25 percent of your total program expenses.
Have 501(c)(3) status or have a fiscal agent with 501(c)(3) status
Have an annual budget of $200K or more
Be primarily independent from government support
Provide service to residents of Greater Chicago and Cook County. Unsolicited applications from organizations operating in Israel are not accepted. Geographic exceptions are made by invitation only.