EPA's Office of Water supports the National Tribal Water Council (NTWC)


Deadline passed as of August 11, 2016. Deadline for 2017 unknown. EPA's Office of Water supports the National Tribal Water Council (NTWC), composed of tribal governmental representatives, to increase communications, promote sharing of technical information and best management practices for Indian country, raise awareness of tribes on priority water issues, and facilitate tribal input on actions to protect water quality and provide safe drinking water in tribal communities. EPA supports the efforts of the National Tribal Water Council through a multi-year cooperative agreement to a recipient who manages and supports the operations of the Council, and assists in developing and completing products in coordination with the NTWC. Eligible recipients interested in managing the NTWC under this cooperative agreement may apply by submitting applications to EPA for this competitive process.

Funding Amount
Total award $1,100,000.
Matching Funds
States, local governments, federally recognized Indian Tribes, intertribal consortia, territories,
possessions of the U.S. (including the District of Columbia), public and private universities and
colleges, hospitals, laboratories, and public or private non-profit institutions are eligible to apply.
Contact Information
Please contact Felicia Wright (wright.felicia@epa.gov) if you have any questions.