Wildfire Risk Reduction Program for Rural Communities

New Mexico Counties

Deadline for 2018 past. Deadline for 2019 unknown. The 2018-2019 Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant Program grant cycle will give priority to applicants who request funding for outreach and education projects (i.e. Fire Adaptive Communities, Firewise, Ready, Set, Go) that encourage reducing wildfire risk on private lands and can show a direct benefit to BLM lands. The program is also encouraging CWPP updates for plans that are more than five years old. Requirements for CWPP updates are included with the program information. A limited number of hazardous fuel reduction projects will be considered and should focus on treatments to private lands with a direct benefit to BLM lands.

wildfire, risk reduction, BLM lands, education, hazards
Funding Amount: 
up to $50,000
Matching Funds: 
10% cost-share


New Mexico Tribes
Contact Information: 
Executive Director- Steve Kopelman 444 Galisteo Street Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 (505) 983‐2101 phone (505) 983‐4396 fax