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Local Governments Reimbursement Program

Grant Deadline

Rolling Deadline. In the event of a release (or threatened release) of hazardous substances, EPA may reimburse local governments for expenses related to the release and associated emergency response measures. The Local Governments Reimbursement Program provides a "safety net" of up to $25,000 per incident to local governments that do not have funds available to pay for response actions.

Funding Amount
Up to $25,000 per incident
Matching Funds
Local governments that are eligible to receive reimbursement under the Local Governments Reimbursement (LGR) program include any general-purpose unit of local government, such as a county, parish, city, town, township, and municipality. Federally recognized Indian Tribes are also eligible for reimbursement under the LGR program.
Contact Information
(800) 431-9209,