Nome Tribal Climate Adaptation Plan

Tribal Adaptation Plans
Year Published
Nome Eskimo Community

The Nome Eskimo Community (NEC), in collaboration with the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (ACCAP), developed a climate adaptation plan with the Nome-based tribes. This includes tribal members of NEC, Village of Solomon, Native Village of Council, and King Island Native Community. The project goals were to familiarize tribal members with climate science and local knowledge, provide an opportunity to identify and discuss climate impacts and adaptation strategies, develop a plan, and share information with other rural Alaska and Native communities. This project was funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Community values for the Nome-based tribes, which provided a basis for the climate adaptation strategies, centered on maintaining cultural activities, fostering community and relationships, and ensuring healthy people and ecosystems. To download a PDF of the plan, click here.

Contact Information
Sarah Trainer, Director, Community Adaptation, Wildfire, Stakeholder Engagement, Sustainability, Phone: 907-474-7878