Alaska Tribes' Melting Subsistence Rights

Ristroph, E.B., 2010. Alaska Tribes' Melting Subsistence Rights. Ariz. J. Envtl. L. & Pol'y, 1, p.47-92.
Year Published

This article suggests that climate change impacts subsistence-dependent Alaska Natives more than the Lower 48 Natives and other United States populations. The first part of the article discusses research and observations from the 2000s, suggesting that climate change affects the Alaskan environment more than that of any other state. It also considers how climate change affects subsistence and Alaska Natives' control over their subsistence activities. The second part of the article considers how the legal and political framework unique to Alaska limits the ability of Alaska tribes to control land and resources needed for subsistence. Finally, the article considers whether any non-tribal entity will be able to protect Alaska Natives' subsistence interests in the face of escalating climate change