California's Fourth Climate Change Assessment

State of California, Governor's Office of Research and Planning. (2018). California's Fourth National Climate Assessment; Statewide Summary.
Year Published
State of California

California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment (Fourth Assessment) advances actionable science that serves the
growing needs of state and local-level decision-makers from a variety of sectors. This cutting-edge research initiative
is comprised of a wide-ranging body of technical reports, including rigorous, comprehensive climate change
scenarios at a scale suitable for illuminating regional vulnerabilities and localized adaptation strategies in California;
datasets and tools that improve integration of observed and projected knowledge about climate change into decisionmaking;
and recommendations and information to directly inform vulnerability assessments and adaptation
strategies for California’s energy sector, water resources and management, oceans and coasts, forests, wildfires,
agriculture, biodiversity and habitat, and public health. In addition, these technical reports have been distilled into
summary reports and a brochure, allowing the public and decision-makers to easily access relevant findings from the
Fourth Assessment.