Climate change: anticipated effects on ecosystem services and potential actions by the Alaska Region

Haufler, J.B., C.A. Mehl, and S. Yeats. 2010. Climate change: anticipated effects on ecosystem services and potential actions by the Alaska Region, U.S. Forest Service. Ecosystem Management Research Institute, Seeley Lake, Montana, USA.
Year Published: 
U.S. Forest Service

This report summarizes potential impacts that are likely from predicted climate change in southern Alaska, identifies on-going collaborative efforts directed at climate change, and suggests some possible responses that the Alaska Region could take to address this challenge. This report has not completed an exhaustive summary of literature pertaining to each potential impact. Reviews by Parsons et al. (2001), the U.S. Global Change Research Program (2009), Kelly et al. (2007) and others provide more detailed synthesis of such documents. This report does identify the breadth of potential impacts and does provide primary sources of information for follow-up, if desired. In addressing partnerships and opportunities, the two broad landscapes encompassing the Chugach and Tongass National Forests identified in the report to the Chief entitled Responding to Climate Change: Integrated Plan for Landscape Conservation for the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, and Alaska) (2010) are emphasized. While specific climate change impacts to these two target landscapes are the specific focus in this report, a section that discusses State and Private Forestry and its role in assisting with climate change impacts on forests at the state level is included, but potential impacts of climate change on forests in other areas of Alaska and an associated list of climate change initiatives and partnership opportunities has not been included.

Southeast Alaska, planning, policy, conservation, collaboration, partnership, forestry, management, vulnerability assessment, climate adaptation plan