The effects of a changing climate on key habitats in Alaska

Clark, R., A. Ott, M. Rabe, D. Vincent-Lang, and D. Woodby. 2010. The effects of a changing climate on key habitats in Alaska. Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Special Publication No. 10-14, Anchorage.
Year Published
Alaska Department of Fish and Game

"Scientific evidence shows that climate change is occurring throughout Alaska. These effects have the potential to impact the sustainability of Alaska's fish and wildlife resources and are beginning to impact Alaska's natural systems and the uses they sustain (ADEC 2009). The impacts from climate change, monitoring and research needs are identified for Tundra, Wetland, Coastal Marine, Freshwater Aquatic and Karst Cave habitat types, identified as the primary habitat types in Alaska in the State's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy. In addition, the impact on fish and wildlife populations that use these habitat types are identified. Potential impacts of climate change in Alaska are extended, but not limited, to economics, stock abundance, ocean acidification, marine productivity, water quality, angler access, invasive species, species movement and distribution, habitat, educational programs and outreach, wetland diversity and wildfires as an agent of habitat change.”