Final Commission Report: Alaska Climate Impact Assessment Commission

Legislature, Alaska State. 2008. Final Commission Report: Alaska Climate Impact Assessment Commission.
Year Published
Alaska Climate Impact Assessment Commission

A final report to the legislation from the Commission, "both invited professional testimony and extensive public testimony at each of its hearings. In addition, we left our hearing record open to those who chose to write, fax, or email commentary, right up to the preparation of this final report. Beyond it organizing meeting, the Commission held six public hearings throughout Alaska, and one site inspection visit. The public hearings were in Fairbanks, Anchorage (two), Juneau, Kotzebue, and Barrow. The site inspection was to Kivalina. The Commission was weathered out of Shishmaref, another intended site visit. A total of 210 persons appeared and/or presented public testimony at our field hearings. Another 85 responded by email, letter, or email. A preliminary report to the Legislature was submitted on March 1, 2007, Attachment (C). A final report was due to the legislature by January 10, 2008, but because of the loss of time due to special legislative sessions in 2006 and 2007, an extension was granted.”