Guide for Considering Climate Change in Coastal Conservation

Guide for Considering Climate Change in Coastal Conservation. NOAA. 2016.
Year Published

This guide lessens this gap and provides a step-by-step approach, with links to relevant tools, information, and other resources. The approach should be familiar to those already practicing strategic conservation planning, but unlike other guides, this document focuses on climate considerations and tools specifically relevant to the coastal environment, including coastal watersheds. The six iterative steps draw on existing guidelines for conservation, as well as newer climate adaptation resources. The information is suitable for anyone working to manage or conserve lands in coastal areas, such as coastal planners, land or watershed conservation organizations, wetland and floodplain managers, emergency managers, and more. The approach provided in this guide can be used to create a new plan if one is needed, to update an existing plan, or to further other types of planning, such as hazard mitigation or comprehensive plans. Overall, the approach encourages groups from different sectors to work toward similar or complementary goals.