Klawock River, Salmon Passage and Habitat Restoration Project Final Report

The Nature Conservancy. 2012. Klawock River, Salmon Passage and Habitat Restoration Project Final Report. Prepared for NOAA Restoration Center. The Working Forest Group. 2013. Consolidated young growth forest land base analysis for all land ownership in Southeast Alaska and recommendations for federal land managers. Prepared at the request of: USDA Forest Service, Alaska Region.
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The Nature Conservancy

The Klawock River Salmon Passage and Habitat Restoration Project, supported by funding from NOAA, The Nature Conservancy and the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, was the final act in a decade-long quest to restore a historical migration corridor for fish within the Klawock River watershed” (3). A collaborative project that constructed a culvert through an isthmus which unblocked a historical salmon passageway in order to help restore salmon populations from their dwindling numbers. Salmon populations from the 1920s to the 2000s decreased from approximately 60,000 fish per annual harvest to 10,000.

Southeast Alaska, Klawock Community Association, Klawock Heenya Corporation, watershed, hydrology