Nisqually tribe won't fish chum after historic decision

Morrow, Allison. 2017. Nisqually tribe won't fish chum after historic decision. King 5 News.
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For the first time ever, worries about population declines have led the Nisqually Tribe to close fishing for chum salmon this season. After several years of fish declines, they believe it's necessary to save the fish from disappearing completely. Nisqually Tribal member, Willie Frank III, son of famed environmental activist Billy Frank Jr., explains that his tribe's connection to their environment and cultural traditions face historic challenge. In his words, "It was tough to explain to our elders and our tribal members that we're not going to be able to fish this year, because of the lack of salmon." He adds, "We know it's not going to be one year. We know it's going to take five years. It might take a decade. We don't know, but we're willing to make the sacrifice. It's not about financial gain anymore, fishing for us. It's about teaching younger generations, seeing the smile of our elders being out on this river."