Towards solving a key puzzle in the IPBES

Tengö, M., R. Hill, P. Malmer, C. M. Raymond, M. Spierenburg, F. Danielsen, T. Elmqvist, C. Folke. 2017. Weaving knowledge systems in IPBES, CBD and beyond—lessons learned for sustainability. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 26–27:17–25
Year Published
Stockholm Resilience Centre

The Stokholm Resilience Centre identified five key tasks for knowledge system integration. Their work builds on the Multiple Evidence Base approach, highlighted in the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). The five tasks form a framework that the authors hope will guide successful collaborations between indigenous and local knowledge and western science to enhance governance for sustainability. The goal of the researchers was to create space for different actors and institutions to take part in knowledge-sharing processes that are equitable and empowering. The authors use case studies from the Convention on Biological Diversity and IPBES to discuss their framework.