Way Beyond the Lifeboat: An Indigenous Allegory of Climate Justice

WHYTE, K. 2017. Way Beyond the Lifeboat: An Indigenous Allegory of Climate Justice.
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In my experiences, most Indigenous peoples have complicated stories to tell about anthropogenic climate change that often start with their being harmed by fossil fuel industries. Climate injustice against Indigenous peoples is insidious, as it involves years of coupled colonial and capitalist domination. Is there a succinct way to convey an Indigenous perspective on climate justice that makes the connections between capitalism and industrialization and colonialism? This short essay uses a story of vessels, in allegorical form, to describe the complexity of Indigenous climate justice. The allegory seeks to convey how decolonization and anti-colonialism, understood in senses appropriate to the allegory, cannot be disaggregated from climate justice for Indigenous peoples.

climate change, TEK, oral histories, Traditional knowledge, Oral transmission on knowledge, climate justice, social justice, community health, Indigenous science